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Gina St George

Gina St. George decided to pursue a career that would make her more employable, ultimately choosing to study Chemical Engineering and later obtaining an MBA in Finance.

She leveraged her education and experience to build a successful career in industry, serving as a consultant specializing in business processes, systems, financial analysis, and management for 17 years. However, she found herself feeling confined to her employment, as she was managing operations, working on mergers and acquisitions, and continuously traveling as a road warrior.

Following her divorce, Gina sought to balance both enjoying life and owning a prosperous business. She merged with two small businesses and realized many small organizations lacked appropriate systems and structure, leaving their owners overworked. She therefore prioritized streamlining her own businesses and systemized them such that she was not required in day-to-day operations. Using her mergers and acquisitions expertise, Gina structured one business to the point where she was able to sell it to a multinational corporation.

Currently, Gina combines her big-business training with the realities of small businesses to assist professionals and small business owners alike in developing prosperous businesses and living fulfilling lives simultaneously.

Andy Sokol

Andy’s father was an attorney, and his mother was a paralegal – he was “supposed” to go to law school. However, Andy wanted to attend business school instead. At the age of 19, while taking business classes at the local college, he also started attending various business-related seminars and events to learn even more than would be taught in business school. “I have always believed that the key to my future success would come from my desire to always be better than the competition, never be stagnant and to continuously learn from the best.”

In 1995, after graduating from the FIU School of Business, Andy co-founded CopyScan Technologies (then CopyScan) with his brother Jeremy, with no more than a one-page ad and good credit.

In 2003, after many customer requests to shred documents from his legal clients, Andy created another company, RecordSHRED, which he sold to a multi-national competitor twelve years later.

Despite Andy’s success in business, he was overworked and needed to find a better way to run his business before he got burned out. He searched high and low to find great mentors, plus the right tools and training, to help create better processes and systems so he could have more balance in his life. By leveraging technology and automation, it allowed him to free up his time to do more of the things he wanted to do in his business, and gave him the opportunity to spend more time with his growing family.

Because he has owned a thriving litigation support company since 1995, and he grew up in a family of legal professionals, Andy understands the needs, challenges and frustrations that attorneys have in managing their firm’s operations and marketing, meeting their client’s expectations and making a profit at the end of the day.

Knowing that many attorneys worry they are stuck being overworked and underpaid, Andy assembled a team of experts and co-founded Level Up Lawyer to help attorneys create a thriving practice while achieving the time-freedom that he did.

Andy passed away unexpectedly in 2021, but his work lives on in the content you'll find in our membership and challenge.

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Tiffany St George

Tiffany is a retired military officer with a background in Aviation Operations, Higher Education, Training and Leader Development. After retirement, she moved overseas where she spent seven years exploring Asia and raising her two children. During this time she joined the staff of an international school, where she coordinated the Global Alliance for Innovative Learning's 2019 conference with over 100 delegates from 7 countries and became an integral member of the Admissions and Marketing Team.

Tiffany leads the Project Management team for Level Up Lawyer's Done for You Agency. In this role she works hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their unique needs and guide them through defining their processes. She also works closely with the Implementation team to ensure that workflow automations are seamlessly configured to the client's specifications.

She currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO.

Annalisa Lazzaro

Annalisa has over 12 years of experience in digital production and Agile project management. Most recently, she served as the Director of Production for American Express' in-house creative agency, where she built and led the 25-person team responsible for end-to-end production of all web, email, print, photo and video assets. After leaving AmEx in 2023, she founded Escape Velocity Digital, a software implementation consultancy.

Annalisa leads the Implementation team for Level Up Lawyer's Done for You Agency, where she turns client processes into automated workflows to improve efficiency and remove administrative and marketing bottlenecks. She also works closely with the Project Management team to guide clients through their options and make recommendations on best practices.

She lives in Jersey City, NJ with her husband and daughter.

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Katie Huggard

Katie is a seasoned marketing and public relations professional with a Bachelor's in communication and media studies from the prestigious University of Missouri. She has also obtained a certification in Public Relations from the highly esteemed Public Relations Society of America. Her journey in the industry commenced when she joined Level Up Lawyer as the company's first employee. Starting as an intern, Katie quickly proved her prowess and skills, propelling her to her current position.

Before venturing into marketing and public relations, Katie built a solid foundation in communication through her extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Over 14 years, she worked in upscale Sicilian restaurants and country clubs, gaining invaluable insights into customer engagement and service excellence. This firsthand experience also provided her with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small business owners, igniting her passion to make their lives more manageable and successful. She now leverages this wealth of experience to craft impactful marketing and PR strategies.

Currently serving as the head of marketing and public relations at Level Up Lawyer, Katie is pivotal in driving the company's brand awareness and growth. Her innovative campaigns and strategic media relations have been instrumental in the company's success. Katie's exceptional talent for constructing compelling narratives and fostering meaningful relationships has proven to drive the company's achievements.

Matt Deulley, Esq.

Matt Deulley, Esq. has always set out to do things differently.

Matt's unconventional approach surfaced during his undergraduate education at Indiana University, which he complemented with business experience working for UPS in operations management and Sprint in sales.

Following his graduation from Western Michigan University's Thomas M. Cooley Law School and subsequent licensing in 2008, Matt flourished in his private practice, specializing in business, real estate, and bankruptcy.

However, he felt incomplete in his personal life.

Seeking a more balanced lifestyle, Matt closed his private practice and joined McColly Companies as Executive General Counsel, simultaneously serving as Underwriting Counsel for a title company. This experience taught Matt about the structure, processes and policies present most modern-day law firms and highlighted for him that this traditional approach to law practice would not align with his personal goals for himself and his family.

He rejoined private practice in 2018, accepting a partnership with a local law firm, where he further developed a work-life balance that worked for him.

While guiding the law firm, Matt directed his focus towards advising businesses on effective ways to maximize their earnings and lifestyles. Eventually he reopened his own law practice.

In 2020, recognizing the demand for his services beyond his own firm and sought to make a difference in the legal industry.

He co-founded Level Up Lawyer with Andy Sokol and Gina St. George to cater to other attorneys seeking guidance in business and support in personal growth.

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