Have the Practice Other Lawyers are Jealous Of

More attorneys every day are feeling stuck in a professional that has them feeling overworked and underappreciated.
Level Up Lawyer guides attorneys to their freedom with tools and training to have a thriving practice without sacrificing family.

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Because Practicing Law Shouldn't Suck...

Just because others think you should pay your dues and sacrifice time and family to have a thriving practice, that doesn't mean you have to.
Level Up Lawyer guides attorneys to take back the promise of a profitable practice, and thrive in both law and life.

Finally, A Way For Solo Practioner
and Small Law Firms to Thrive

Cut through the noise and get on the path to the law firm of your dreams.


Membership in Level Up Lawyer provides tools and easy, actionable steps for busy attorneys.


For one low monthly price, you get access to the community, and all of the training, tips, and answers you need.


Our team of experts gives you everything you need to turn your practice into a cash-producing machine.

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

We Get It

The legal landscape is changing every day, and it seems like the deck (and a mountain of student loans) is stacked against you. We get it, because we live it every day. From online competition and unlicensed legal services to the surplus of new attorneys graduating law school every year, the challenge is real and something those outside our profession simply don't understand.

A More Comprehensive Solution

Too many "consultants & gurus" claim that they have the secret sauce to help you grow your practice. The real secret is that one person can't know or do it all, for the same reason that you podiatrist is not doing neurosurgery. So, we assembled a team of resources with years of experience in legal, small business, & big corporate industries to guide attorneys with the most comprehensive path to a thriving practice - without breaking the bank.

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Choose your membership option Monthly, or Annual

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At Level Up Lawyer, we know you want a profitable practice that thrives within your community, without sacrificing your family and freedom.
In order to do that, you need to do what they don’t teach you in law school, which is to build a business at the same time as you are building your practice.
The problem is, practicing law is already a lot of work that takes up so much of your time, to where you don’t have the energy or even the ability to take on one more thing… let alone build a business. It seems as if the traditional way to grow your practice is archaic, which makes you feel like there’s got to be a better way to have your own profitable practice and a life too.

We believe that the old way of doing things doesn’t make sense in being competitive in today’s marketplace, because it takes time away from those you love the most and makes you feel overwhelmed. Just because others think you have to pay your dues and make sacrifices, doesn’t mean you have to. Practicing law shouldn’t suck.

We understand that it seems as if the deck is stacked against newer attorneys in private practice, which is why we assembled our comprehensive team of experienced legal industry advisors to help you level the playing field. Level Up Lawyer guides attorneys to take back the promise of a profitable practice and thrive in both law and life.

Here’s how: Join Today, Level Up your Law Firm, Enjoy your Family & Freedom.

So, join us today! Get out of the rat race that other lawyers spend their whole career stuck in, and instead, have the practice other lawyers are jealous of without sacrificing family and freedom.

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