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Client Success Stories

Phil Boggess headshot

Phil Boggess

Estate Planning

"The Level Up Live Implementation event was amazing. They were able to show me how many different systems can integrate and work together and make everything a lot easier in the flow. It's a lot better for me in running a business and being able to build the business rather than just having the business run me. I'm running the business.

Before I came here, I had a practice management CRM system where I could manage things, and then I was experimenting, trying to find what other systems I could make and integrate in here, and it was a trial and error process taking a lot of time. By coming here, now I know what works together, what integrates together, how to integrate it and how to create the systems to make everything run smoothly rather than trying to piecemeal something together and do a lot of duplicative entries here and there.

It s going to free up more of my time so I can either put more time into serving the clients or put more time into other things that I want to do in creating a better balance in my life rather than being tied to my computer or my desk or seeing and trying to work through all these systems to create this and make this go forward. And also it s going to help it grow a lot more and attract more clients and more of the right clients in, so I'm also not spending more time and spending more wheels and wasting more money trying to find my next client.

I would recommend that anyone who s looking to create a business and grow their business, their law business obviously should attend the level up lawyer live implementation event because it s going to show you and walk you through the steps needed to create that business, free up your time to do more things that you want and help more people."

"The Level Up Lawyer live implementation really helped me grow my law practice by teaching the systems and tools to put in place to deal with marketing and things of that nature.

Now that I'm leaving the Level Up Lawyer Implementation, I'm actually going to have a better case management system that is more equipped for marketing and have a strong system in place so that I can grow my law practice.

This is going to mean for my future and my practice, Justin Camper Law, is going to be able to grow with a system in place. I'll be able to take more clients in, and be able to have automatic systems in place for growth.

I would say that for any solo practitioner, or small practice firm, that you need to be here to take into the Level Up Lawyer, live implementation that's going to really teach you skills and systems to put in place to help you grow your law practice so that you can be a true business owner and not be tied down to your business."

Justin Camper headshot

Justin Camper

Business & Intellectual Property Law

Amber Waggonner headshot

Amber Waggoner

Family Law

"I really enjoyed the Level Up Lawyer live implementation. I learned how to use the integrated systems that I did not use before. I have never used a CRM in my law practice. I actually did everything the old school way that was handwritten, and I now realize that I had wasted a lot of time that could have been better spent preparing my clients for court and getting more clients.

Before I came to Level Up Lawyer Live, I was putting a huge burden on myself and a huge burden on my secretary and staff by having them do a lot of things that could have been better done in an automation system, that would have been more organized, and I feel that after leaving here today, I will have a more organized system as well as be able to grow my practice in a way that is less stressful for me and my staff.

It will mean a lot for my business in that it will be less stressful, so we ll have a happier staff, but it will also mean that I will be able to be organized in a way that will keep my clients happier because I will go back some more quickly. So I will, in the end, be able to grow my business more quickly and keep my clients happier.

I would say to anybody that s considering coming to the Level Up Lawyer live implementation event that, especially for someone like me who has done stuff old school for a very long time, it is a great time to branch out and start learning some new technology because it will take a lot of the things that you re doing that take up so much of your time, off of your plate so that you can better serve your clients."