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The Story of Level Up Lawyer

Matt, Andy & Gina working

An Attorney, an Entrepreneur, and an Engineer Walk into a Bar...

Matt, Andy, and Gina became friends by hanging out together at a business conference, and later started masterminding to create innovative ideas to help each other become even more successful. They soon discovered that there was a synergy in working together and started consulting other small businesses and solo law firms on the methods they used to improve their own operations, marketing, client experience and profits. 

Each of them has different strengths:  Andy as an entrepreneur and marketer; Matt as a business strategist and lawyer; Gina as an engineer, business process expert, and small business systems implementation specialist.

That’s when the idea hit them to form Level Up Lawyer. They knew that if they did all the hard work in finding the “best of breed” for each type of software that a law firm could possibly need to manage intake, client matters, documents, operations, billing, marketing and also their client’s experience, and combine that with teaching best practices from the combination of all their various experiences of what they learned to be successful, that they would have an incredible and comprehensive program that would help lawyers grow a thriving practice while getting their life back.